The Divine Adventure

I have climbed above the clouds

Ascending a 14er. 

I have swam in the vastness of the blue water

Being but a wave in the ocean.

I have cycled the Colorado National Monument 

In awe and wonder.

I have been mesmerized by the New Mexico sunsets  

And the star emblazoned skies.

It has been a divine adventure.

I see now, the adventure was to bring me home.

To bring me back to who I am.

To reclaim my sonship with God.

It was a divine adventure I had to go on.

I am the prodigal son…

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The Courage To Be In the Arena


During my meditation time the other morning I was working into a deep meditation reciting Psalm 46:10 in my mind over and over as I have countless times before. 

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

My mind didn’t feel very still at the moment as I was trying to settle my bucking bronco mind down into some level of peace and quiet. Sometimes that takes a minute and sometimes it seems like it never happens.

Deeply Knowing By Experience

I was about ten minutes into my meditation when…

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Father and Son

I am writing this on Father’s Day and feeling very sentimental and for some reason the need to rhyme sharing a poem I wrote for my dad who left his physical body on January 25th, 2007. 

To all the dads out there keep doing your best. I know it isn't always easy to be the rock.

We fall down often, but pick yourself up again and keep doing your inner work.  We need strong male role models now more than ever.  Know that you are never alone. We are united as one.

Go to your Heavenly Father, Mothe…

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Back 2 Basics


Although I have recently stepped back from doing my own podcast for the time being, I still believe it’s a great platform to share our creative ideas and inspire others to be their best selves. 

I was recently interviewed by Girish Bali from the Back 2 Basics podcast. Here are a few of the insights from my interview with Girish. You can listen to the entire podcast here or a snippet here.  

GirishWhat does back 2 basics mean to you?

Troy: It means to slow down and simplify life and get back…

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A Cry for Help


This blog post is in memory of all the lives lost to mass shootings and the families who are dealing with the devastating aftermath.

I pray for the healing to begin and that this heartfelt blog expresses my desire appropriately to bring inner peace to the world.

In the world we are living in, we are witnessing eighteen year old boys legally acquiring assault rifles and killing innocent people destroying their lives and taking countless victims with them. They are senseless, horrific and inexcu…

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The Heart of a Spiritual Warrior


The heart of a spiritual warrior is one of compassion.

Through heartbreak my heart has become stronger.

It’s through my healing I have uncovered my inner power.

My journey of healing has led me to a deep desire to be a bodhisattva.

To mix my mind with Christ Consciousness.

To live with spiritual autonomy.

I know who I am. 

I know my mission in life.

I let go of perfection as that is a trap.

My greatest weapon is detachment.

I detach from my ego.

I thank my ego for doing its job of kee…

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Seeing With My Heart

Snowcapped Mountains

As I sit here, I see the beauty of the majestic snow-capped mountains. 

I have seen them many times before.

For that I am grateful.

This time I see them differently.

Because I am different.

My mind has more clarity.

My mind has more peace.

As beautiful as the mountains are, I don’t need to see them to be happy.

I can simply close my eyes and be in the presence of the mountains.

This mind is a beautiful gift, but often times wasted.

For many years I have focused on everything except my …

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Soaring Into the Beautiful Unknown


I see the bird soaring through the air.

So effortless, not a care in the world.

She flies without obstruction.

No mind to get in her way.

There is a breeze in her face, but yet she glides with a simple flap of her wings.

Not a care in the world, but to fly.

She knows there will be food to eat.

She knows there will be a nest for shelter.

She knows there will be beauty to be explored.

I imagine I am that bird.

To feel the breeze in my face and go on effortlessly.

To know I will always h…

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The Journey Inward


Pretend and defend.

That was the name of my game.

I did it to no end, because of the guilt and shame.

I looked outside myself to heal my wounds.

Which only led to inner destruction.

The answers aren’t out there that I desperately sought.

I’ve learned the answers come from within so this wasn’t all for naught.

The next guru couldn’t save me from my destruction like I hoped.

Even being saved by Jesus wasn’t enough.

It’s when I turned inward I regained hope.

There is wisdom hiding inside,…

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I Am A Writer


I am a writer who struggles to write.

That isn’t true.

When I sit down to write, writing is easy.

The hard part is the actual sitting down.

I wonder why that is?

It’s fear of course.

Fear of rejection.

Fear of being vulnerable.

Fear of looking stupid.

Fear of what you will think of me.

Fear of unworthiness.

Is that enough fear?

I think so.

But as my ego gets stripped away…slowly ever so slowly.

I am called to write. 

For me.

And then to share it. 

Not because I need you to like …

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