Quiet desperation is a dangerous place for a man to be.

We experience quiet desperation when we feel separate from Source,

from the truth of who we already are. 

We suffer in silence pretending everything is perfect on the outside, 

while chaos is wreaking havoc on the inside.

Quiet desperation causes us to look outside of ourselves in some form of addiction.

 We are desperate to get out of our emotional and physical pain.

Addictions may provide temporary relief, but they never work long term.

It only leads to more suffering, hopelessness and despair.

There is a better way out I have discovered through my own journey out of quiet desperation.

The way out of quiet desperation requires a radical shift in how we see ourselves. 

We are not broken.

We do not need to be fixed.

We only need to realize our true and innermost Self.

It's about coming back home to Source, God, Divine Intelligence.

Call It whatever you want. 

It's about being true to our own soul living a life that makes us feel fully alive.

It's letting go of who the world says we should be.

It's letting go of who our family says we should be.

It's letting go of what religion says we should be.  

It's about knowing you are already enough.

You are already worthy.

You have nothing to prove.

"Be still and know that I am God."

Start your journey out of quiet desperation today.

Be spiritually renewed. 

Experience a deep peace that transcends human understanding. 

Don't go on this journey alone.

I would be honored to walk by your side on your pathless path to discovering your own truth. 

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My mission is to help men get out of quiet desperation

by realizing their true and innermost Self

experiencing a deep peace that transcends human understanding.  


Hi! I’m Troy Ismir. 

I AM a Spiritual Warrior

A Spiritual Warrior is a man who takes a chance on himself, willing to enter the pathless path going on a deep introspective journey of Self-discovery for a transcendent cause greater than himself. 

Troy is walking his own pathless path willing to share his vulnerabilities, experience and wisdom with courage.



99 Poems to Inspire Greatness Within

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This book of 99 poems is Troy’s vulnerable journey out of quiet desperation to living a life of divine inspiration. It’s the pathless path that Troy is on. He is inviting you to walk alongside him on his messy journey of discovering how to live a life of unlimited freedom giving you permission to do the same.