What is The Courageous Soul Way: 

The Courageous Soul Way is a pathless path that is to be journeyed together and alone, returning to the essence of our manhood, a courageous soul.

Men of Courageous Souls is For: 

Any man who is living The Courageous Soul Way daring to follow his own pathless path doing deep soul work wanting to live a better, more authentic and fulfilling life.

Our Mission:

To create a sacred space where every man can discover his own unique expression of energy that only he can bring to the world.

We are committed to our true selves alone and in community with others.

We practice courageous vulnerability without judgment, criticism or condemnation of ourselves or others, encouraging, supporting and inspiring one another on our quest to our ultimate goal of Self-realization.

Our Motto:

“By knowing our courageous soul we know our Creator.”

The Men of Courageous Souls Meeting Day and Time:

Every 4th Friday of the month via Zoom at 6-7:30am MT and 8-9:30am EST

Join our meeting on Friday, May 31st: 6am MT, 7am CT, 8am EST

Our topic for the day:  Forgiving our joy feeling no shame for pursuing Self-fulfillment seeking nothing outside of ourselves, living in the present moment with effortless aliveness. 

Men of Courageous Souls Retreat:

Twice a year we will gather in person to share in outdoor adventure, practice courageous vulnerability and take time out for personal self-reflection. Look for days and times for Men of Courageous Souls retreat this summer.