Seeing With My Heart

Snowcapped Mountains

As I sit here, I see the beauty of the majestic snow-capped mountains. 

I have seen them many times before.

For that I am grateful.

This time I see them differently.

Because I am different.

My mind has more clarity.

My mind has more peace.

As beautiful as the mountains are, I don’t need to see them to be happy.

I can simply close my eyes and be in the presence of the mountains.

This mind is a beautiful gift, but often times wasted.

For many years I have focused on everything except my mind.

I have limited myself.

My mind can be anywhere, everywhere and nowhere.

My mind can think beautiful thoughts.

My mind can think ugly thoughts.

What do I want to see?

How do I want to see?

How do I want to see myself?

How do I want to see you?

How do I want to see this world I live in?

That is up to my mind.

I will always appreciate the feeling that seeing snow-capped mountains gives me.

The gift I have been shown is that I don’t need to see mountains to feel that way.

I can simply tap into my spirit and feel that freedom and aliveness deep within.

It is always there for me to experience.

I get to be aware of Spirit that is breathing me.

That is bliss.

That is aliveness.

That is the beauty of seeing with my heart.


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