3 Reasons Why I Love to Practice Qi Gong

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is the skill of working with energy. It’s the art of effortless power, mirroring the movement of nature. It originated 4,000 years ago in China. 

It’s a powerful practice that helps us to increase our energy and reduce our stress. 

We are energy, that is why I train my energy body through the Eastern bioenergetic practice of Qi Gong daily.

I Feel Empowered

I have learned the hard way that most of life is out of my control. At least the external circumstances are. Trying to control pe…

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Trying Not To Try

Letting Go

I have always been a trier.

Try harder.

Push myself.

Make it happen.

Of course we all need a certain amount of effort to move forward.

But sometimes that over-trying gets in the way.

It creates tension.

It creates anxiety.

Being overly attached to outcomes takes all of the fun out of life.

This has been really hard for me to overcome.

The perfectionist in me wants to get it right.

Be perfect.

To control.

It feels like smoke and mirrors.

I am “trying” to shift out of trying.

There …

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This one life.

This one precious life.

There have been many challenges.

Obstacles to overcome.

Dreams dashed.

Divorce endured.

A disintegrated knee.

A metal hip.


Physical pain.

Emotional pain.



Lessons of perseverance.

And then there is waking up to the truth.

Everything is for my higher good.

To realize the truth of my being.

 I am the master of my life.

No matter what comes my way it is meant to reveal my higher Self.

It’s about overcoming.


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What Would Love Do?

What Would Love Do


The struggle to keep my heart open.

It’s been conditioned to close.

To self-preserve to stay safe.

To protect my energy.

I have told myself so many stories.

It’s not who I want to be.

But it’s so damn hard to change.

The ego is fighting me tooth and nail.

It doesn’t want to let go.

I know the truth, but yet the hardwiring in my brain is holding on for dear life.

Yet, here I am.

Doing the work.

Asking myself the hard questions.

Looking in the mirror.

In the thick of transformatio…

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Rise Up

Rise Up Image

Rise Up

Get knocked down.

Get back up again and again and again.

Rise up one more time.

Don’t stay down for the count.

Rise up into wholeness.

Rise up into oneness.

Perseverance is the name of the game.

With failing there is no shame.

Fail and fail some more.

Just fail forward.

What is failure anyways?

An opportunity to learn.

Or an opportunity to see ourselves as a failure.

What’s the difference?

I failed.

Or I am a failure.

The only way to fail is to give up.

We are warriors.…

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Being Breathed

Being Breathed Image

There isn’t anything I have to do.

Just be still.

Be aware.

Be aware of being aware.

Sit back and observe.

I am being breathed.

I feel a peace that passes all understanding.

A smile comes over me.

A tear runs down my face.

A tear of joy.

A deep sense of love.

A wholeness that I can’t describe.

The senses want to pull me in so many directions.

My mind can spin with relentless thoughts.

Most of those thoughts aren’t even true.

The truth is I am being breathed.

The best thing I can …

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Sitting On A Stump In The Middle Of The Woods

As I was reflecting on my life and all that has happened over the past six months since leaving Boulder, Colorado, traveling and ending up in Jacksonville, Florida a question popped up in my mind. 

What does it mean to be content?

What came up for me was an old mantra from a number of years ago. 

I can be content just sitting on a stump in the middle of the woods.” 

Yes, travel is great and I plan on doing more in the future.

Yes, I love to ride my bike, play golf and workout and I plan on…

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The Divine Adventure

I have climbed above the clouds

Ascending a 14er. 

I have swam in the vastness of the blue water

Being but a wave in the ocean.

I have cycled the Colorado National Monument 

In awe and wonder.

I have been mesmerized by the New Mexico sunsets  

And the star emblazoned skies.

It has been a divine adventure.

I see now, the adventure was to bring me home.

To bring me back to who I am.

To reclaim my sonship with God.

It was a divine adventure I had to go on.

I am the prodigal son…

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The Courage To Be In the Arena


During my meditation time the other morning I was working into a deep meditation reciting Psalm 46:10 in my mind over and over as I have countless times before. 

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

My mind didn’t feel very still at the moment as I was trying to settle my bucking bronco mind down into some level of peace and quiet. Sometimes that takes a minute and sometimes it seems like it never happens.

Deeply Knowing By Experience

I was about ten minutes into my meditation when…

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Father and Son

I am writing this on Father’s Day and feeling very sentimental and for some reason the need to rhyme sharing a poem I wrote for my dad who left his physical body on January 25th, 2007. 

To all the dads out there keep doing your best. I know it isn't always easy to be the rock.

We fall down often, but pick yourself up again and keep doing your inner work.  We need strong male role models now more than ever.  Know that you are never alone. We are united as one.

Go to your Heavenly Father, Mothe…

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