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I love to watch golf. It’s more than my love and passion for the game. It’s the individual stories behind everyone who plays. Every professional, amateur and weekend warrior has a story to tell.

We all have our reasons why we spend countless hours pursuing a game that challenges us to the core of our being. In the end, I have realized, it’s not even about golf.

Perseverance, Tenacity and Grit

It’s about believing in myself, never willing to give up on my greatness. It’s about perseverance, tenacity and grit. All principles that will help me live a better, more authentic and fulfilling life.

I was deeply moved by the interview with Grayson Murray immediately after he won the Sony Open. It was just his second career PGA tour win. His first since 2017. He has battled alcoholism and depression during that time, now being sober for over eight months.

This is what Grayson Murray had to say after his win when being interviewed by Todd Lewis from the Golf Channel when he was asked , “What did you show yourself today?”

Never Give Up On Yourself

“A lot of hard work pays off. It’s not easy. I wanted to give up a lot of times. Give up on myself. Give up on the game of golf. Give up on life at times. Just persevere. When you get tired of fighting, let someone else fight for you.”

I don’t know Grayson’s story, but I do know mine. When someone speaks with courage and vulnerability, such as when Grayson did after his win, it allows us to see we are not alone in our worldly struggles.

One of the main themes of my life has been perseverance. For many years I have exuded stoicism to the outside world, while inner chaos was reigning supreme. I had many escapes. Alcohol, sports, golf, cycling, bodybuilding, women and even religion.

As Grayson said in his interview there were a lot of times he wanted to give up. There have been a lot of times I have wanted to give up too. To give up on myself by isolating myself from the world.

From Somebody to Nobody

I still have moments like that, but they are fewer and far between. I have craved wanting to be “somebody” of importance my entire life. Much of my life has revolved around being an athlete. That has been my identity.

Troy the football player. Troy the cyclist. Troy the bodybuilder. Troy the golfer. I have attached myself to every one of those identities so I could feel worthy of being loved.

Every one of those identities is being stripped away. I am learning to let go of the desire to be somebody, while embracing being nobody. Being nobody means letting go of the personal sense of self, allowing my higher Self to shine through being the light. It means letting go of the false concept of who I was told I was supposed to be and who I thought I was. My true soul is my divinity that has been covered up by my past conditioning.

It’s not my life to live. As Grayson said, “When you get tired of fighting, let someone else fight for you.”

Letting Go of Fighting to Prove Myself

I will change that quote up from my own personal experience. It’s letting go of fighting to prove myself. It’s letting go of feeling like life has to be a battle. It’s letting go of the need to be successful, wealthy, famous or somebody.

It’s simply resting in the truth of my divinity allowing God to be my spiritual Coach. As a spiritual athlete my job is to stop clinging to my personal sense of self completely surrendering to God’s will so I can live this beautiful life without fighting, struggling or battling.

It is a work in progress for me. My shadow continues to show me the light and for that I am thankful. I concur with Grayson with all of my heart that a lot of hard work pays off, but it isn’t easy. Just persevere on your spiritual journey. Persevere in your golf game. Persevere in life.

Never giving up on yourself is a universal message. Keep letting go and letting God. I am learning to wave the white flag in surrender finding joy in the present moment regardless of my external circumstances.


Troy Ismir

Inner Transformation Coach



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