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Have the Guts to Make Your Dreams Come True

Have the Guts to Make Your Dreams Come True

Have you stopped dreaming in life? Have you given up on your hopes of making your dreams come true?

It takes guts and inner strength to make our dreams come true, especially when it seems impossible or feels like it’s too late for us.

There are many times in my life I have stopped dreaming and the result has been a loss of aliveness, feeling complacent and trapped in my own life. I call that living a life of quiet desperation.

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life …

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Just Persevere

Just Persevere TISW FB

I love to watch golf. It’s more than my love and passion for the game. It’s the individual stories behind everyone who plays. Every professional, amateur and weekend warrior has a story to tell.

We all have our reasons why we spend countless hours pursuing a game that challenges us to the core of our being. In the end, I have realized, it’s not even about golf.

Perseverance, Tenacity and Grit

It’s about believing in myself, never willing to give up on my greatness. It’s about perseverance, te…

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The Formula for Freedom

The Formula for Freedom

What does it mean to live free?

Is there a formula for inner freedom?

A way of Being in the world.

A way to be true to my soul.

A simple formula to live my best, most fulfilling life.

Truth + Authenticity = Freedom

That’s it.

Seek my truth.

Seek my own wisdom.

Trust my own intuition.

Listen to that still small voice.

I am the master of my own life.

Yes, there can be guides along the way.

But, ultimately it’s up to me to find my own truth.

It’s up to me to live my truth.

On the pat…

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Embrace Who I Am

Embrace Who I Am

I have tried to fit into the way I think the world wants me to be.

It has never worked once.

In my younger days I tried to be someone I wasn’t through heavy alcohol abuse.

It just about destroyed me.

I thought something was wrong with me.

Why don’t I fit in?

Walking into a crowded room with hundreds of different conversations brought me deep anxiety.

Being around too many people for too long drained my energy.

Loud environments are a lot to handle.

There is a strong sense that I don’t b…

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It's Safe to Be Great

It's Safe to Be Great!-3

My greatest fear is standing out from the crowd.

Being different.

Not being accepted.

Not belonging anywhere.

You see, I have kept myself small to stay safe, to fit in.

I have shrunk back in my life time and time again.

The spotlight, no that isn’t for me.

It’s not safe to be great.

To put myself out there means the possibility of rejection.

It means I could be hurt.

But then the realization hits.

Who am I not to be great?

We all get to be great.

The world needs me to be great.


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Rise Up

Rise Up

Rise Up

Get knocked down.

Get back up again and again and again.

Rise up one more time.

Don’t stay down for the count.

Rise up into wholeness.

Rise up into oneness.

Perseverance is the name of the game.

With failing there is no shame.

Fail and fail some more.

Just fail forward.

What is failure anyways?

An opportunity to learn.

Or an opportunity to see ourselves as a failure.

What’s the difference?

I failed.

Or I am a failure.

The only way to fail is to give up.

We are warriors.…

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What does it mean to live life uninhibited?

That is the question I have been asking myself.

Something I haven’t done very well in my life.

I have lived controlled.

I have lived self-consciously.

I have lived worrying about what others think of me.

What is the root of this inhibited life I have been living?

What do I need to do to live uninhibited?

To live from a place where I express my thoughts and feelings unselfconsciously and without restraint?

That sounds very freeing.

Somehow it …

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Training My Mind

Training My Mind

Training My Mind

I have relentlessly trained my body through the years.

Being disciplined has always been a strength of mine.

Eating a vegan diet, it’s all good.

I simply made a choice one day to stop eating animal products.

That’s that.

Getting to the gym every day, no problem.

It’s just what I do. 

But one area that has been an ongoing struggle for me is my thoughts.

I have heard this scripture before a thousand times.

“Be careful what you think because your thoughts run your life.” …

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What the Hell is Qi Gong?


Qi Gong

That’s a weird name.

What the hell is Qi Gong?

Qi means energy.

Gong means skill.

It’s the skill of working with energy.

Who doesn’t need that?

Who couldn’t use more energy?

Positive energy that is.

How about transforming stress into vitality?

That sounds pretty good.

Sign me up.

It’s ancient wisdom.

It’s been around for 4,000 years developed by the Chinese.

It’s the alignment of breath, movement and awareness.

It’s the art of effortless power.

Inner martial arts.

A movi…

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Know Thyself


Know Thyself

I got it all wrong most of my life.

I searched for power in all the wrong things.

I was misled.









External validation.



The search outside of myself led to despair.

We are sold a way of living that creates constant seeking and attaining.

Know thyself.

That is true power.

It’s right there.

It’s too obvious.  

It’s too simple.

It’s profound.

Know myself.

That is where the wisdo…

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