Training My Mind

Training My Mind

Training My Mind

I have relentlessly trained my body through the years.

Being disciplined has always been a strength of mine.

Eating a vegan diet, it’s all good.

I simply made a choice one day to stop eating animal products.

That’s that.

Getting to the gym every day, no problem.

It’s just what I do. 

But one area that has been an ongoing struggle for me is my thoughts.

I have heard this scripture before a thousand times.

“Be careful what you think because your thoughts run your life.” …

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What the Hell is Qi Gong?


Qi Gong

That’s a weird name.

What the hell is Qi Gong?

Qi means energy.

Gong means skill.

It’s the skill of working with energy.

Who doesn’t need that?

Who couldn’t use more energy?

Positive energy that is.

How about transforming stress into vitality?

That sounds pretty good.

Sign me up.

It’s ancient wisdom.

It’s been around for 4,000 years developed by the Chinese.

It’s the alignment of breath, movement and awareness.

It’s the art of effortless power.

Inner martial arts.

A movi…

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Know Thyself


Know Thyself

I got it all wrong most of my life.

I searched for power in all the wrong things.

I was misled.









External validation.



The search outside of myself led to despair.

We are sold a way of living that creates constant seeking and attaining.

Know thyself.

That is true power.

It’s right there.

It’s too obvious.  

It’s too simple.

It’s profound.

Know myself.

That is where the wisdo…

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Encourage: To inspire with courage, spirit or hope.

One thing my parents were always proud to tell me about my childhood was they rarely had to punish me because I was so good at self-punishment. I am sure that made their life a little easier as they didn’t feel the need to dole out punishment. What they overlooked was all of the harm that happened from my own self-punishment.

I got really good at beating myself up because I couldn’t meet my own expectations. Any criticism that came from an ex…

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Training To Be Happy


Training As a Spiritual Athlete

This may seem like a strange thing to say, but I am going to say it anyway. I am training to be happy. I am learning to allow myself to feel good and notice when I feel bad.

I have conditioned myself over the years to be unhappy. My prior conditioning has led me to believe that when I am happy it makes other people sad.

The truth is I am only responsible for my own happiness. If someone is dependent on me for their happiness, that is on them. They have not done…

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The Myth of Being Perfect


I grew up with the erroneous belief that when I do something it has to be done perfectly. It got in my head that the only way to be of value to the world was to be perfect. 

These conditioned beliefs have kept me playing small and shrinking back. It has held me back from taking chances for fear that people may find out I am anything but perfect.

I read a quote the other day from a book called “God is Not a Christian, Nor a Jew, Muslim, Hindu…” by Bishop Carlton Pearson that deeply resonated wi…

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Allowing My Creative Expression


I am in the midst of recovering from a bout of vertigo. It’s something I have never experienced before and hope to never experience again. It has thrown me off balance physically and knocked me off center emotionally. It has been a month of room spins feeling disoriented.

As frustrating as it has been, there is a lesson I am being shown as I listen to my Higher Self. I am trying to understand what the possibility is for growth and expansion from this awful feeling of the spins.

This is the les…

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I Am Always Enough & So Are You


The world screamed at me that I am not enough the other day. The voices inside my head infiltrated my mind.

“I am not enough, I never have been and I never will be!”

I found myself shopping for new clothes, something I haven’t done for years. I purged all of my pharmaceuticals suits and dress clothes when I left behind the corporate world.

I was in need of an updated wardrobe for a wedding. It’s not that I am against buying new clothes, it’s just that it isn’t how I am choosing to spend my mo…

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Letting Two Milliseconds Define Me


Dear Friend,

As I rekindle my passion for golf I am realizing some habitual patterns that keep showing up in my life.

Some of those habits serve my greater good and some of those habits have kept me locked in a cage feeling extremely limited.

One of my most recent moments of realization came after an almost three hour sweat drenched practice session on the practice green working on my chipping. 

I am going to use a word that most golfers and athletes despise.  It’s called the yips. 

If you …

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The Power of Intuitive Body Wisdom


About two weeks ago I let go of my wrist slave, aka my Fitbit.

I think there is still a place for the Fitbit in our daily lives and I may go back to it at some time, but for now I am choosing to tap into the power of my intuitive body wisdom. 

What has become most important to me is to get in tune with my body wisdom asking myself simple questions like how much sleep do I need and how can I optimize it?

Something I have struggled with off and on for years.

My Fitbit can’t answer that for me.…

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