Embrace Who I Am

Embrace Who I Am

I have tried to fit into the way I think the world wants me to be.

It has never worked once.

In my younger days I tried to be someone I wasn’t through heavy alcohol abuse.

It just about destroyed me.

I thought something was wrong with me.

Why don’t I fit in?

Walking into a crowded room with hundreds of different conversations brought me deep anxiety.

Being around too many people for too long drained my energy.

Loud environments are a lot to handle.

There is a strong sense that I don’t belong.

But, the million dollar question is, where do I belong?

How can I embrace who I am not making myself wrong for being me?

How can I love myself enough to honor who I am?

I don’t have to fit in to the way the world says I should be.

I can be my introverted self.

I don’t need people to get me, I need to get myself.

I don’t need to be fulfilled by anything or anyone but myself.

My only job is to be true to my soul.

To be my authentic Self.

How do I do that?

With powerful and meaningful one-on-one conversations.

With hours of solitude writing.

With the silence of meditation.

With my passion for golf.

Can I respect myself enough to be who I am?

I only have to accept myself.

If I don’t love who I am, who will?

That is the journey.

The journey of Self-love.

To embrace all of me as an integrated whole.

To embrace the power of quiet.

To embrace the power of solitude.

To embrace the power of simplicity.

To embrace the power of stillness.

It is beautiful.

What if we simply embraced who we are?

What if we had the courage to be ourselves?

The world would be a much better place.

I choose to embrace who I am.

I get to be me without apology.

That is true freedom.

That is peace.

That is joy.

That is love.

Be True to Your Soul,

Troy Ismir

Spiritual Warrior




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