It's Safe to Be Great

It's Safe to Be Great!-3

My greatest fear is standing out from the crowd.

Being different.

Not being accepted.

Not belonging anywhere.

You see, I have kept myself small to stay safe, to fit in.

I have shrunk back in my life time and time again.

The spotlight, no that isn’t for me.

It’s not safe to be great.

To put myself out there means the possibility of rejection.

It means I could be hurt.

But then the realization hits.

Who am I not to be great?

We all get to be great.

The world needs me to be great.

The world needs you to be great.

All in our own unique way.

I have sabotaged myself from my own greatness.

It has shown up as yips on the golf course.

It has shown up as yips in life.

Performance anxiety.

The deep need to prove myself because I didn’t see my own greatness. 

My subconscious mind says who are you to be great?

I have carried that with me my whole life.

From the outside in, I look successful.

But I have limited myself.

I have limited my greatness because I didn’t know who I was.

I feared man.

I feared other people’s opinions of me.

It’s time to heal from caring more about what people think of me than what I think of myself.  

It’s safe to be great.

It’s safe to be outstanding being me.

I am the great I am.

I am great.

I am.

The peace of I am.

The peace of I.

The peace that passes all understanding.

Peace to you in all of your unlimited greatness.

We all get to be great.

It’s who we are.

No apologies.



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