Have the Guts to Make Your Dreams Come True

Have the Guts to Make Your Dreams Come True

Have you stopped dreaming in life? Have you given up on your hopes of making your dreams come true?

It takes guts and inner strength to make our dreams come true, especially when it seems impossible or feels like it’s too late for us.

There are many times in my life I have stopped dreaming and the result has been a loss of aliveness, feeling complacent and trapped in my own life. I call that living a life of quiet desperation.

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” — Paul Coelho Author of the Alchemist

Dreams Do Come True

Another life lesson came from the PGA Tour this past weekend from a journeyman golfer, Peter Malnati. He captured his second PGA tour title at the Valspar Championship more than eight years after his first. He went 3059 days between victories.

“You don’t know if you’re ever going to have another moment like this. It’s pretty amazing to have that dream come to life.” -Peter Malnati

These were the words spoken by Peter Malnati after his emotional win. He was holding his four year old son choking back tears in a beautiful and powerful display of courageous vulnerability talking about how hard life can be on tour. I could feel his emotions deep into my core.

Keep Believing In Yourself

After watching the final round and Peter Malnati’s interview it made me reflect on my life. I looked in the mirror and asked myself the heart pounding question, “Do I have the guts and inner strength to make my dreams come true?” Can I develop a vision and live by it even when I don’t see the fruits of my labor?”

I wonder how many times Peter Malnati wanted to give up on his dreams. To stop believing in himself after an eight year drought of winning.

He shared a simple formula for his success in winning the Valspar Championship making him a two time PGA Tour winner. 

“I told myself I was going to do my best on every shot.” 

And that is what he did, despite being racked by nerves and fear.

How applicable this simple formula can be to my life. I can simply choose to do my best every day no matter what I am doing. It’s really about a state of being. It’s a formula for believing in myself.

Our Dreams Can Be Limitless

The reality is we don’t have to limit our dreams to a certain point in our life. The biggest trap we can fall in to is to tell ourselves that it’s too late. I dreamed of being a professional football player from an early age. Those dreams were dashed after a severe knee injury in college. That moment in time changed the trajectory of my life.

I do my best not to let age define me. It’s never too late to create a vision for our life making our dreams come true. My dreams have changed as I have evolved, thank goodness.

I really do want to give it my all every day of my life. I want to continue to dream big, living with the conviction that with man this is not possible, but with God, all things are possible.

To this day one of my favorite quotes is from St. Irenaeus. 

“The glory of God is man fully alive. -St. Irenaeus

Live Every Day Fully Alive

I do my best to be that man who is fully alive expressing myself in a way that is true to my soul.

It takes guts to dream. It takes courage to be willing to fail in the pursuit of our dream. It takes a willingness to take a chance on ourselves going into the unknown pursuing our dreams with no guarantee of success.

I hold fast to the idea that it’s not whether or not we accomplish our dreams we set out to, it’s who we become in the process of relentlessly pursuing our dreams.

Peter Malnati wouldn’t be any less of a man if he never won on the PGA Tour once, let alone twice. What we do doesn’t define us. It’s our state of being, it’s the realization of our true and innermost Self that is our crowning glory.

Keep on dreaming because it’s that possibility of having our dreams come true that makes us feel fully alive.

Be True To Your Soul,

Troy Ismir

Spiritual Warrior

Inner Transformation Coach



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