What does it mean to live life uninhibited?

That is the question I have been asking myself.

Something I haven’t done very well in my life.

I have lived controlled.

I have lived self-consciously.

I have lived worrying about what others think of me.

What is the root of this inhibited life I have been living?

What do I need to do to live uninhibited?

To live from a place where I express my thoughts and feelings unselfconsciously and without restraint?

That sounds very freeing.

Somehow it stems from fear and self-doubt.

Fear that if I show up as myself expressing who I am, I won’t be loved.

Self-doubt that I don’t believe in myself enough that I am good no matter what.

I don’t need external validation to know that I am a good man.

I am a good man.

I can validate myself.

There are lots of layers to unpeel

How to live uninhibited is the question?

One step at a time.

Be a little freer every day.

When I want to close, stay open.

When it feels uncomfortable, lean in.

When I want to run and avoid, stay and deal with the situation with love.


That sounds interesting.

It’s a different way of being for me.

I would like to try it on for size.

It’s time to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

My desire is to live life without any self-imposed constraints.

I want to have fun exploring what that looks like for me.

I envision William Wallace from Braveheart screaming at the top of his lungs, “Freedom.”

Freedom to be true to my soul, not minding what others think of me.

To live carefree.

That is what I see as a possibility when I peel another layer off the onion.

Life gets simpler.

It doesn’t have to be so complex.

I make it complicated.  

It’s time to simplify by being me.

That means living free.



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