Go All In

Go All In

My truth is I haven’t gone all in on anything my whole life.

Except for being a Dad.

What I mean is I haven’t gone all in for myself.

For my own Self-fulfillment.

I told myself that I have.

But the truth is, I haven’t.



Not believing in myself.

Not knowing the truth of who I am.

Being dependent on other people for my truth.

Being dependent on religion for my truth.

I have been inauthentic to who I am.

I have lived with the belief that there is something wrong with the “real” me.

I haven’t lived free.

I have been a slave to my own thoughts.

To my past conditioning.

To my limiting beliefs.

I have been lost in darkness.

I get to see through the shadows and move into the light.

I get to go all in.

I get to go all in with my passions.

I get to go all in with my dreams.

I get to go all in on my spiritual journey.

Most importantly I get to go all in being me.

Being my authentic self without apology.

I am 100% committed to going all in with life.

We get one shot at this life.

I am fully committed to realizing my truth.

The truth of I am.

The truth of I am enough.

The truth of my inner power.

The truth of my Being.

What would it take for you to go all in?

Shed the lies.

Shed the false beliefs.

Shed the past conditioning.

Keep showing up.

That’s what it takes to go all in.

Don’t let the world hold you back.

Don’t be your own worst enemy.

Be true to your own soul.



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