The Heart of a Spiritual Warrior


The heart of a spiritual warrior is one of compassion.

Through heartbreak my heart has become stronger.

It’s through my healing I have uncovered my inner power.

My journey of healing has led me to a deep desire to be a bodhisattva.

To mix my mind with Christ Consciousness.

To live with spiritual autonomy.

I know who I am. 

I know my mission in life.

I let go of perfection as that is a trap.

My greatest weapon is detachment.

I detach from my ego.

I thank my ego for doing its job of keeping me safe.

Now it’s time to transcend my ego.

I detach from the roles assigned to me by society.

I detach from the roles assigned by my family.

I detach from my religious conditioning.

I detach from worldly ways.

To detach opens my heart to freedom.

Freedom to embody the heart of a spiritual warrior.

A heart of compassion, love and wisdom.


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