Soaring Into the Beautiful Unknown


I see the bird soaring through the air.

So effortless, not a care in the world.

She flies without obstruction.

No mind to get in her way.

There is a breeze in her face, but yet she glides with a simple flap of her wings.

Not a care in the world, but to fly.

She knows there will be food to eat.

She knows there will be a nest for shelter.

She knows there will be beauty to be explored.

I imagine I am that bird.

To feel the breeze in my face and go on effortlessly.

To know I will always have food to eat.

A bed to lay my head on.

To trust I am on the path.

Soaring through the air.

Coarse correcting as I go.

So effortless with deep inner peace.

I fly over the ocean with the sunrise as my backdrop.

Even though it’s actually a dream.

It’s all very real.

That is freedom, to soar like a bird.

Knowing God is in control.

So I say yes to life as it unfolds.

It is a bold move that has taken me to parts unknown.

The journey is about connecting to my heart.

That is the beautiful unknown.


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