The Journey Inward


Pretend and defend.

That was the name of my game.

I did it to no end, because of the guilt and shame.

I looked outside myself to heal my wounds.

Which only led to inner destruction.

The answers aren’t out there that I desperately sought.

I’ve learned the answers come from within so this wasn’t all for naught.

The next guru couldn’t save me from my destruction like I hoped.

Even being saved by Jesus wasn’t enough.

It’s when I turned inward I regained hope.

There is wisdom hiding inside, that was the last place I looked.

Now I know better, so I choose better.

A happy life I live now with the treasures I find deep within.

That is where Jesus says to look.

The Kingdom of Heaven is in me. 

I am on a journey inward and I love the sights I see.

Which is me. Just me. And I am good with that. 

I am divine.

I am human.

I am a divine human being.

Why do I forget that I am divine?

It’s who I Am at my core.

It’s my spiritual essence, my true nature.  

It’s a humbling gift I know longer want to ignore. 


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