Being Breathed

Being Breathed Image

There isn’t anything I have to do.

Just be still.

Be aware.

Be aware of being aware.

Sit back and observe.

I am being breathed.

I feel a peace that passes all understanding.

A smile comes over me.

A tear runs down my face.

A tear of joy.

A deep sense of love.

A wholeness that I can’t describe.

The senses want to pull me in so many directions.

My mind can spin with relentless thoughts.

Most of those thoughts aren’t even true.

The truth is I am being breathed.

The best thing I can do is to flow with that breath.

Flow with life.

Being one with the One who breathes me.

Seek first the Kingdom of God.

Vibrate at my highest energy of love, joy, peace.

And everything will be added to me.










Be Breathed.

Nothing to earn.

Nothing to prove.

I don’t have to perform.

I just get to be true to my own soul.

That is where the magic happens.

So sit back and feel the deep calm of being breathed.

Be still.

And know with the deepest knowing that I am God.

One world.

One breath.

One Source.

One Energy.

Will you breathe with me?


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