Less Is More


I have never been one to rush around as I find it very stressful.

I have never been one to pack too many things into my schedule because I like to create space in my life to have some down time.

I have never been a big fan of clutter as a cluttered closet represents a cluttered mind.

I enjoy and appreciate a less is more lifestyle. 

That didn’t happen by accident. I have been very intentional in creating a less is more lifestyle. 

I have carved out three days a week to work with my clients. I want to make sure I am one hundred percent focused and energized so they get the best version of me. 

Consolidating my schedule has been a wonderful gift for me and also my clients. No danger of burn out or distractions when I am fully rested and invested when I am coaching and training.

When I have too much energy going out, I am not at my best over time. 

Most of the time I don’t know what day it is. It may be MonYAY or FriYAY.  They are all the same. 

I used to get sad on Sunday evenings because I HAD TO go to work while working in the pharmaceutical industry. Now every day is a GET TO. 

I kissed good-bye to social media apps on my phone. Something as simple as that has created more space in my life with less distractions.

The best thing that has come out of this is all of the time I have for deep meditation with God. I used to have an attitude that I will meditate if I have time. It wasn’t a priority. 

Now it’s a wonderful gift I give myself every day and sometimes multiple times throughout the day. 

That’s my story. I realize everyone is different and is in a different stage of life.  It's easy to let the business of life take over. That includes doing too many good things at the expense of our physical and mental health.

Less is more has required me to say no to things that I enjoy such as podcasting. It was a good thing and I really enjoyed it, but it was one more thing for me to do. 

It became a have to instead of a get to.  So I simply stopped. Funny thing is the earth hasn’t stopped spinning around the sun since I let that go. Life goes on when we say no to things.

I am grateful I get to live this lifestyle enjoying every day to the fullest as a divine being of love and not a human doing. 

How can you focus more on BEING rather than DOING in your life?

Troy Ismir

Spiritual Warrior

Inner Transformation Coach

I help men experience a better, more authentic and more fulfilling life.



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