Three Reasons to Pursue Your Hobby


To borrow the words from the Queen song “Bicycle Race

Bicycle bicycle bicycle

I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle

I want to ride my bicycle

I want to ride my bike

I want to ride my bicycle

I want to ride it where I like

I started getting into road cycling after I blew out my knee playing football in college. I went from wearing shoulder pads to wearing spandex. Maybe not the most masculine shift, but I didn’t want to be that ex-jock that let myself go after my playing days were over, even if it was a serious career ending knee injury that forced me to stop playing long before I was ready.

Here I am over thirty years later more passionate about cycling than ever. That was part of my reason for moving to Boulder, Colorado. I wanted to explore the open road, gravel and mountains on two wheels.

One major knee surgery and one major hip surgery doesn’t leave me with too many options when it comes to what type of cardiovascular exercise I am going to get. I am grateful that I can still get out on my bike and grind away.

I ride three to four times a week from an hour up to eight hours at a time.

I used to ride just to be as fit and competitive as possible. But these days I am finding more meaning behind my time in the saddle.

Connect with God

First and foremost, it’s a way to connect with God. When I am on my bike my mind frees up and I am able to listen to the voice of God. I get more downloads from God on my bike than any other time. Sometimes it’s so loud and clear what God is saying to me that I have to pull off to the side of the road and take notes on my phone.


Secondly, I love exploring God’s creation on two wheels. I find no better way to explore the beauty of Colorado than on my bicycle. I am in awe every time I get out on my bike and see how creative God is. The mountains, water, trees and overall topography are incredible. When I am out exploring, I see something new that draws me closer to God.  

Shared Passion

Third, it’s the camaraderie with other cyclists. There is nothing better than a shared passion to bring people together. I connect with others on my bicycle. It beats the heck out of hanging out at a bar. Great conversation while riding doing something I love with another passionate cyclist is a wonderful way to connect and build relationships.

At times I have thought that spending hours on my bike was selfish and I could be doing so many other things like working on my business or spending more time writing.

But then I realized, I am a better person when I get my time on my bike. It’s part of who I am and the way God wired me. God made me a kinesthetic person. I find pleasure and great satisfaction in movement. I would be denying who I am if I didn’t get out on my bike as much as possible.

What are your passions and hobbies? Are you denying yourself that passion because you feel it’s selfish?

I am not saying to shirk our responsibilities. I am saying why deny ourselves something we love to do? Life is too short not to pursue our passions, especially if it makes us better human beings.

I love to ride my bicycle, I love to ride my bike. I will continue to ride as long as I am able to. I love to explore and see the world on two wheels.

I will continue to connect with God, nature and others through my passion of cycling.

My hope is that you find purpose behind your passion and hobby and see that it can be life changing in many ways. It’s not a selfish pursuit of a hobby but a wonderful way to express who we are and the way God created us.

I will keep on pedaling one revolution at a time being revolutionary through the integration of faith and fitness.



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