Warrior Energy


When we think of a warrior we usually think of a fighter. Someone who is willing to go into battle and fight until his death. That is noble indeed. 

There is so much more than being a warrior than fighting. In fact, a true warrior often craves peace and doesn’t look for a battle, but is willing to go there if need be.

One characteristic of a warrior that I am working on is discipline. Not from a physical aspect because I have that one nailed.

It’s from the discipline of giving my gifts ferociously every single day. Letting nothing stand in my way. It’s knowing what my work is and not letting any external forces stand in my way.

As I am writing this, I am not really feeling like it. It’s 6:45 on a Monday evening. It’s cold and rainy out and I am tired. I want to go lay on the couch and do nothing but watch another episode of “A Million Little Things” that I recently got hooked on.

My mind goes to who cares, nobody is going to read this anyways. No one cares what I have to say.

Then I flip the script and think well God cares what I have to say. He has called me to do this work of helping men live a life of purpose feeling fully alive. I am not going to be much help to anyone if I fall into complacency and self-doubt by watching a TV show that makes me sad anyways.

Some days it’s not easy to cultivate warrior energy. It takes hard work and discipline.

God reminds me every day that I am not here for myself. I am here to make a difference in the world and that requires discipline. It requires I share what’s on my heart so I can help other men who are struggling with complacency and lack of purpose.

The hardest part of writing for me is the discipline to sit my butt down in front of the computer and write. There are so many emotions that I battle.

The fear of rejection is a big one. People not liking what I have to say. I am working on being courageously vulnerable. Being brave enough to share the struggles in my own life so people know its ok to share the struggles they are facing.

I am very disciplined in my physical training. Why is it such a battle to make time to write? I think most of the time it’s because I doubt I have anything of value to add to the world.

The way I have to learned to overcome this battle is to see myself the way God sees me; as a Spiritual Warrior who is willing to fight and share the truth of Jesus.

My plan is to keep sharing my gifts every single day, not letting anything stand in my way and caring less of what people think and more of what God thinks.

What is it for you that is holding you back from sharing your gifts ferociously every single day?

Troy Ismir, MS

Fitness Minister

Founder and Creator of Barbells & Brothers



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