Turning Self-Doubt Upside Down

self doubt

I was feeling really emotional the other night. Maybe it was because I was watching the final episode of This is Us. I am not sure why I watch that show because of the emotional roller coaster it puts me on. It’s kind of like how I feel right now in my own “This is Us” life.

The Ugly Voice of Self-Doubt

I was sitting on my couch, thinking to myself, I don’t know if I can do this. I don’t know if I can make it as an entrepreneur. I don’t know if I can do what God is calling me to do. To lead a men’s online fitness ministry and fully support myself. Not exactly main stream work. The voice of self-doubt was ringing loudly in my head.

Then in that very instant of self-doubt and questioning God’s plan for my life, I get this text from a friend of mine in Orlando, Ken. He has never been a client, but somebody I got to know threw the church I used to attend in my old home town.

Here is the text verbatim.

“Good evening my friend, I just want to share a little good news and thank you for your inspiration!
I got my results from endocrinologist today and I am thrilled. Not only have I been able to maintain my weight of 181 pounds without any diet or supplements for the past nine months. My diabetes A1C went from 6.3 to 5.9 within a year. I have been weening myself off medications. I have also lost four inches off of my waist going from 38” to 34”. God is blessing me.
So you don’t know how much I appreciate you and all that you do to encourage individuals to change their lives! I apologize for the long text, but when you are my age and your health improves in a positive way, just from putting in the work, that is worth celebrating! Thank you!”

As I was literally questioning my path, questioning everything! Being mired in self-doubt, I get this text message from my friend.

There were tears. How did God know to have my friend send that text, just at that time when I was feeling overwhelmed with incompetency. When I was consumed with self-doubt.

Here is what is so messed up about our world right now and I fall into this trap almost every day. We think if we don’t have a huge social media following we aren’t making a big impact. That’s bullshit.

We have a big impact when we show up fully being who we are. Being the light in a world of darkness.

Making an Impact

We make a big impact when we love, encourage, inspire, listen to and motivate others by showing compassion.

We make a big impact when we simply show people the love of Jesus.

This is a great reminder to me and all of us that people are watching.

We have an opportunity to make a difference in a person’s life whether we know it or not.

We have an opportunity to make a difference in a person’s life by simply being our authentic selves. It’s not about how many social media followers we have. That’s a trap that doesn’t end well.

In a world that is turned upside down right now, there is no better way to make a difference in the world by helping to change one life at a time and making a difference in humanity.

We can make a difference by just having the attitude of I want to serve one more person.

Who is that one more person for you?

I want to serve you.

If you want to get results like Ken and grow stronger spiritually and get mentally stronger, you can sign up for my two week free trial and be a part of our community at Barbells & Brothers.

Whatever you do, don’t go on this journey alone. We are a brotherhood of men willing to be different, to take chances on ourselves. To defy the status quo.

Troy Ismir, MS

Fitness Minister and Spiritual Warrior Coach

Founder and Creator of Barbells & Brothers


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