It's All about Radical Love


What if we were radical lovers of ourselves the way Jesus loves us? It’s really challenging to live our best life when we don’t take care of our physical health the way God wants us to. If you have tried to get healthy and lose weight time and time again without lasting results trying a different approach may be the answer. What if all the choices you made around your physical, emotional and spiritual health were made out of the context of love? How would that change your perspective and your choices?

Love the Foods that Love us Back

The first thing you need to do is to start to love food again. So many people have such an unhealthy relationship with food they get to the point of being neurotic about it. Becoming obsessed with food, binging and then restricting food, over consuming food, inhaling food and then feeling guilty about it. This is not a love relationship with food but an unhealthy obsession.

Loving foods that love you back means being able to enjoy foods. To taste it and to delight in the fact that you are eating foods that are contributing to your health. The solution to overeating and chronically obsessing about food is getting away from the notion of restriction and deprivation. Getting away from the idea of good and bad foods. Getting away from the emotional attachment of food is one of the best ways you can love the foods that love you back. It means you can take it or leave it. You can enjoy food if you are hungry, you can walk away from it if you aren’t.

Foods that love you back are the ones that contribute to your health and well-being. Foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and healthy fats are the foods that will love you back. Healthy eating is not a punishment, but a reward. Does that mean you can’t ever have your favorite sweet? Absolutely not. It simply means you want to eat the foods that love you back and when you do choose to eat a “treat food” you enjoy it and savor it without the guilt that usually comes along with it. It’s all about love when you love the foods that love you back.

Love Ourselves Enough to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

I see so many people struggle with their health from lack of exercise, poor eating habits and being overweight and obese. This may sound like strong language, but not taking care of ourselves is a form of self-hate. Eating foods that contribute to diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease is not an act of self-love. It is vitally important that we be kind to ourselves. This self-love shows up through regular exercise, daily quiet time, eating nourishing foods, proper rest and stress management.

Do you love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle? You get to ask yourself that great question every time you put something into your mouth. Take control of your eating, exercise consistently and get proper rest and you will take control of your health. It’s all about love when you love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.

It’s all about Love When we Serve Others

The greatest form of love is serving others. We take care of ourselves so we can serve others. If you truly want to make a contribution to this world you will put other’s needs before your own. Helping others is a sign of love. How you serve others should be tied to the gift that God gave you.

You may be at the stage of life where your greatest service is your kids. Where you put their needs before your own. As a parent of two young adults I know the sacrifice that it takes to raise them and put their every need before your own. It’s the most selfless thing we can do.

We can also serve at our church, through work or by volunteering. There are always opportunity to serve and this is the greatest sign of love. Miracles happen daily when we ask God what we can do for Him and how we can serve others.

When we make our life about radical love both by loving ourselves and loving others we live and create in a whole different way. Our life becomes more fulfilling and satisfying. We live radically when we love food that loves us back, love ourselves enough to live a healthy lifestyle and show love through serving. We will reap many rewards when you make it all about love.

Troy Ismir, MS

Author, Podcaster, Speaker and Spiritual Warrior Coach

Spiritual Warriors Unite Podcast



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