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I love to inspire people. It brings a huge smile to my face. I love to lead. That’s why I started a men’s ministry called Spiritual Warriors Unite at the gym I train out of. It’s a place where men can be real, vulnerable and authentic. To me it’s church. Not everyone is even a Jesus follower in our monthly gathering, but that is exactly what Jesus would want. All comers are welcome. We sit in a circle and we talk about our struggles and the hope we have in Jesus.

We have talked about the difficult topics of pornography, alcoholism, drug abuse, adultery, lust and shame. Pretty much all of the topics that we aren’t supposed to bring up in church.

I have seen grown men cry at our gym church. I have seen grown men tell each other they love each other. I have seen men who struggle with isolation come together in community and stand united.

Spiritual Warriors Unite

When I see this Spiritual Warriors Unite community, I know I am meant to lead. I am meant to be an inspired leader. As men, we need to be in community. We need each other whether we think we do or not. We need men to step up and be inspired leaders for our families, communities, churches and ultimately the world.

The world is crying out for strong male leaders and role models. God has put it on my heart to be that inspired leader. To make a difference in other peoples’ lives. To give other men hope that they can live the life they were created to live.

It’s pretty easy to feel beat up by this world and even more often we beat ourselves up for our many shortcomings. That was me for the vast majority of my life. I am done beating myself up. I am going to be an inspired leader no matter my shortcomings.

God Uses Willing People not Perfect People

God doesn’t use perfect people, he uses willing people. In fact, I am going to try and stop being perfect because that is a game I will never be able to win. Jesus is the only one that’s perfect. I am just going to show up and be me. I am going to live life to the full and show other people what is possible when we commit our life to Christ. When we take a chance on ourselves and pursue living the life of our dreams.

I will continue to be the inspired leader that I am called to be. God has put a dream and vision on my heart so strong that I know I have to pursue it with all of my heart. A true leader sees that vision and is willing to give his life to that cause even if others don’t see it at the time.

My Vision

My vision is to lead a tribe of Spiritual Warriors that stand united as inspired leaders. There is too much darkness in the world. There is too much abuse and violence in the world. Men, let’s stand up and fight. Let’s be the inspired leaders God created us to be. Let’s be the change we want to see in the world. Let’s train physically, mentally and spiritually every day and lead our families, communities and churches the way we were created to lead. As Spiritual Warriors, let’s unite for a purpose greater than ourselves. You are an inspired leader.

Troy Ismir, MS

Author, Podcaster, Speaker and Spiritual Warrior Coach

Spiritual Warriors Unite Podcast



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