The Need to Leave the World a Better Place


We Need to Make a Difference

One of our core needs as human beings is feeling like we make a difference.  We all want to make a contribution and leave the world a better place.   That is one of the reasons I left my job in the pharmaceutical industry.   It was a great job that paid a generous salary, but for me, I didn’t feel like I was making the difference that I was put on this earth to do.   I had this strong feeling that there had to be more. 

I am about four months into leaving my pharmaceutical job and it has been quite a learning experience.   I left Orlando, Florida and everything I knew behind after being there for 20 years.  I left behind my church, my job, my two best friends and my son, who still lives in Tallahassee, Florida. 

My Life has Come Full Circle

After a short stint as a fitness manager at a local health club, I am back to being self-employed and recently signed on as an independent contractor as a personal trainer at a local gym called The Body.   It seems my life has come full circle, as this was my first job right after I completed my Master’s Degree in Exercise and Sports Science back in 1993.   How does 25 years go by so fast?

I don’t know where this path is taking me, but I am excited about the journey.   I am doing my Divine Wellness Academy podcast that makes me feel truly alive.  I am in the process of writing a book with Professor Scott Roberts who I met in Orlando at a Faith and Fitness Conference.  I am starting my first faith and fitness community at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fort Collins, a place where my Dad preached. 

Starting a Fitness Ministry

God put a calling on my heart to start a fitness ministry.  I am surrendering that plan to Him.  I will follow where he leads me.    We were all created to live powerful lives that are transformed by Christ, but for many of us, there are things that can get in our way.  Most of the time it is the inner critical voice in our own minds. 

When we aren’t living life to the full we get stuck in spiritual mediocrity.  It is easy to lose heart and withdraw and become silent and anesthetize our pain. 

Digging into the Word of God

If you are yelling from the inside that there must be something more to this life, I want to encourage you that there is.  We are meant to feel fully alive.  We are meant to contribute to something bigger than ourselves.  

If you feel like you are mired in spiritual mediocrity, the best thing you can do is to start to dig into the Word of God.  It is a great source of hope and encouragement.   In Matthew 22:29it says, Jesus replied, “You are in error because you do not know the Scripture or the power of God.” 

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, spending quiet time with God, even if it’s for only for 5-10 minutes every morning, it can transform your life.  You will go from spiritual mediocrity to living a powerful life transformed by Christ. 

Troy Ismir, MS

Spiritual Warrior Coach

I help men get fit from the inside out so they can have more vitality, adventure and purpose in their life. 


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