Do the Opposite


As I am sitting down to write this our nation is in the middle of a heated political election that as of this time is undecided.

The county I live in, Boulder County, will move to safer at home level 3 restrictions due to the rise in COVID-19 cases.

The fires are still burning in many parts of the state of Colorado where I live.

There is a lot of tension, anxiety and fear in our world right now. 

My question is how are we going to respond?

What if we did the opposite of the way the world responds?

When our political candidate doesn’t win, let’s support the president who does.

When our country is rioting, let’s show peace.

When someone disagrees with our political views, let’s listen to their views without having to be right.

When someone shows hate, let’s show love.

When someone is suffering from anxiety because of COVID let’s show them strength.

When our country is divided, let’s be united.

Jesus was full of paradox. 

Jesus lived his life opposite.

“So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”  Matthew 20:16

As a human being I am going to do my best to do the opposite.

When I want to hate, I will love.

When I want to be afraid, I will be courageous.

When I want to give up, I will persevere.

When I want to judge, I will be compassionate.

When I want to suffer in darkness, I will be the light. 

When I fail, I will give myself grace.

During these challenging times, let’s focus on doing the opposite of what the world is doing.


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