Get Out of Pain


Being in chronic pain is no way to live life.  It sucks the energy right out of us.  In my over twenty-five years of being a fitness professional I have worked with so many people that suffer from chronic pain whether it’s a shoulder, knee, hip or back with low back pain being the most common ailment I see. 


In fact, it is estimated that up to 80% of the population will experience back pain some time in their lives.  Worldwide, back pain is the single leading cause of disability. 

That’s why when I got this text today from one of my clients who just happens to be a teaching golf professional it brought a huge smile to my face.  Here is what his text said:

“I appreciate all of your help.  This is the longest I’ve been pain free in three years.” –Brian Lindstrom 

For those of you who suffer through chronic pain you know how debilitating it can be.  I myself have suffered through a chronic hip condition that made my life very miserable for over three years.  It saps our energy.  It takes the fun out of life. 

What Brian did to get out of pain was first of all he made a decision that he was going to do what it takes to get healthy and to start to move better.  He made a decision that he was going to be consistent in working on his health. 


Brian started working with me about six months ago.  One of the things I emphasize with my clients is quality over quantity.  I would much rather have my clients spend ten to fifteen minutes a day on mobility and stability exercises six or seven days a week rather than sporadic workouts that are longer that are just sprinkled in when they can get them done. 

The other area I stress with my clients is focusing on how they move throughout the day.   It doesn’t do us any good to move well during our exercise time and then totally neglect our posture and movement patterns the rest of the day.   It’s a constant awareness of how we are sitting, how we are standing and how we are picking up things throughout the day. 

Brian also had the courage to reach out to me for guidance.  I merely set him on a path through my exercise program design protocol that he followed to a letter.  Without the proper guidance in our lives, it’s really hard to get to where we want to go.  We are all on a transformational journey, it’s just a matter of are we willing to accept guidance in our lives to get there. 

You may actually get to where you want to go without guidance, but I am guessing it will take you a lot longer to get there and the path is probably a lot less efficient.  A great coach will support and encourage you and use their expertise and experience to get you there the fastest and most efficient way. 

There are no big secrets to getting out of pain.  First and foremost it’s about consistency.  Secondly, it’s about moving with awareness and finally it’s about getting expert coaching. 


I am on a mission to build a movement of men who are willing to go on this journey with me of becoming a Spiritual Warrior.  My vision is to impact one million men’s lives through this tribe of Spiritual Warriors.  The journey to one million men starts with one.  Will you be that one who is willing to take a chance on yourself so you can live the life of your dreams?  So you can live a life of purpose feeling fully alive. 

The first step to being part of this community is to sign up for my Spiritual Warriors Unite Newsletter and becoming a part of our Spiritual Warriors Unite Facebook group.

One thing we must never forget that what is done for ourselves will quickly be forgotten, but what we do for others will be remembered for eternity.  The choice is yours.

Troy Ismir, MS

Speaker, Author, Podcaster and Spiritual Warrior Coach




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