The Courageous Soul Way

This is our treasure map on the pathless path that guides us out of aimless wandering in the wilderness as a lost soul. We are returning to the essence of our manhood, a courageous soul. The buried treasure is lying dormant inside of us waiting to be discovered. What we are seeking, we already are.  


We live from our pure heart with passion and gratitude, fully committed to the practice of Self-intimacy, knowing our I AMness, living as whole and fully integrated men. 

We forgive our joy feeling no shame for pursuing Self-fulfillment, seeking nothing outside of ourselves, living in the present moment with effortless aliveness, detached from outcomes. 

We have faith in our inner Power, being revolutionary, defining what success means to ourselves, radically free to overturn what isn’t working in our lives. 

We have the guts to develop a vision and live by it with unwavering conviction, daring to follow our own path, making our dreams come true. 

We let go of a never good enough mindset, taking the pressure off ourselves to be perfect, fully expressing our creativity and imagination as an artistic visionary. 

We release control of others and how they see us, taking 100% responsibility for every aspect of our lives, transforming our world by transforming our consciousness. 

We listen deeply for the essence beyond the words, being courageously vulnerable, without judgment, criticism or condemnation of ourselves or others. 

We relate to the world with a servant’s heart seeing everyone as equally priceless, encouraging and caring for our neighbor with compassion and kindness as we equally encourage and care for ourselves. 

We seek our own experiential truth, trusting our own intuitive wisdom, for a deeper knowing of our true and innermost Self.

We trust our Self with the freedom to “do it right” in a way that feels true and authentic to our courageous soul, fueled by faith, optimism, calmness and confidence. 

We climb to our greatest possibility connected in Oneness, willing to take the road less traveled, together and alone, belonging everywhere and nowhere, being outstanding.

We let our love and peace flow out into the world, being true to our courageous souls, discovering who we are through exploring our inner world for our ultimate goal of Self-realization.