Do you ever feel a little beat up by the world? Exhausted. Trapped. Powerless. Do you sometimes feel like you’re battling to endure and question whether you really have what it takes.

—-You are not alone.—-

I’m discovering that men often live lives of quiet desperation. I used to be one of them. And I see a new possibility. For each each of us to reclaim our inner warrior and lead valiant and fulfilling lives, by practicing Divine Wellness.

With physical valor, we honor our bodies and develop physical strength to be of greatest service to God.

With mental valor, we honor our passions and develop the mental strength to be of greatest service to God.

With spiritual valor, we honor our beliefs and develop the spiritual strength to be of greatest service to God.

Spiritual Warriors Unite is a new community of Christian men who seek to lead and help other men lead valiant lives. We come together to practice Divine Wellness and to be of service to each other our community and God.

We meet the last Friday of every month from 7am-8am. This is an informal get together of men who want to lead more valiant lives and make a difference in our community. There will be a social time to just hang out followed by a speaker who will share some of their life story and testimony. You will be encouraged, empowered and inspired.


January 25th: Rock Adams Topic: Courage

February 22nd: Troy Ismir Topic: Spiritual Leadership

March 29th: Troy Ismir Topic: What it Means to be a Man in Today’s World

April 26th: Dick Foth Topic:

May 31st:

June 28th:

July 26th:

August 30th:

September 27th:

October 25th:

November 29th:

December 13th:

As men we all need to be part of a tribe. Meeting with other godly men once a week is life changing.