Often times we are living our life in quiet desperation clinging to our false self for fear of being seen and known for who we truly are. Our point of quiet desperation is the war that rages in our mind questioning if we are enough and do we have what it takes. This leads to isolation, addiction, passivity or misguided aggression.

As men we all need a place where we can show up and be courageous and vulnerable without the fear of being judged or condemned. To be the men we are called to be we need to surround ourselves with other godly men who are going through similar challenges and struggles.

That is why I created Bible and Barbells. This is a community of men who get together once a week to dig into the truths of our quiet desperation. It’s a community that lends itself to being vulnerable, courageous and brave.

We spend 30 minutes sharing our truths and studying a devotional and the Bible, followed by 30 minutes of professionally led group strength training. This is a place for men to show up courageously and be vulnerable

All are welcome regardless of beliefs. We welcome and love all.

Bible and Barbells is a community where men can be courageously vulnerable.